Measles Outbreak 2019


The clinic is currently experiencing a significant volume of calls from people with questions about Measles and MMR Vaccinations - to help you we have provided the following information:

Can I have a lab form to check my immunity? For patients unsure of measles status and wanting to know if they have immunity - you can self-refer to Labtest for measles serology. Book online ( or go into any Labtest centre. The cost is $48 and your results will be emailed to you. There is no need to see your GP or ask the GP for lab forms. Note - Do not go for serology for up to 4 weeks after your MMR vaccination has been given.

Where else can I find out if my child is up to date with immunisations? Parents can contact the National Immunisation Register to find out if their children are fully vaccinated on ph: 0800 454375 or check your Well Child books for TWO documented doses of MMR.

I was born before 1969 and never had any vaccinations? Those born before 1969 are considered to have acquired immunity as the disease was rampant through NZ at this time. Immunisation not required.

Can I immunise my child early? 15 month immunisations can be done from 12 months. We have been sending TXT messages to our parents if this is your child.

I’ve read my child can get MMR vaccine at 6 months old? 6-12month old children will only be immunised if travelling to high risk areas and will need to see GP for prescription for this. Any MMR doses given prior to 12month do not count towards the NZ immunisation schedule and patient will still require the 2x doses after 12months of age.

I don’t’ have my baby book and no electronic records? Anyone without any documented history is recommended to get at least 1 dose at no charge.

Do I need a booster as its 30 years since I had vaccinations? No need for boosters if documented history even if vaccine was given a long time ago.